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The Deep 8/10

The Deep 8/10

Art-The Deep-8-10-261023

    Art Size 100 x 75cm This work is my backyard. Bynoe Harbour is a short distance from Darwin as the crow flies, but by road the nearest access point is a 90 minute drive away. Bynoe is one my favourite spots to fish for Barramundi - it’s a pristine ecosystem and close to Darwin. The sandbars and mud flats are great hunting grounds for barra as the feed on the Mullet as the water drains off the mudflats. From the air it is easy to see where the barra might by lying in wait for the mullet. On the left side of this piece is some green tinged water leading up to a drain line in the mudflat and it is down this drain line the Mullet will move while the Barra will wait as the tide falls. The other cool aspect of this work is the action of the sandbar as it separates the mudflat from the deep water of Bynoe Harbour proper. Wind and tide working together to create a fine and fragile sandbar for two different eco spaces.

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