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Ebb 8/10

Ebb 8/10


    Art Size 84 x 84 To ebb and flow is a term used throughout the English language two describe the reoccurring movement or pattern of anything over time. It is a widely used but is strongly connected to the gravitational pull of the moon on the earth causing the oceans to rise and fall. We know this as tides. The biggest tides, known as spring tides, occur on the full and new moons while neap tides occur in between the springs and are much smaller and a full cycle of tides is 29.5 days. Why is this important to me? I love to fish and that’s about tides. My favourite tide is just after the full moon at the crack of dawn when the tide is full and about to ebb. Many a time I have cruised pre dawn across Bynoe Harbour with a glasslike water and the hint of light just coming into the sky. This becomes stronger and with it the colours of a territory sunrise before that orange ball pops up over the mangroves. Then it’s time to hunt barra, a six plus metre tide, glass like water, a flick of the wrist and my lure lands at the base of a mangrove. It’s hard to beat that rod bend, flash of colour and maybe that jumping silver barra. My secret spot has a few hours of this as the water drains before its time to escape to deeper water. Mudflats are great but not 5 hours stuck in the sun in a boat waiting for the return of water. Luckily, I haven’t had that experience yet and don’t plan on it. Time waits for no one and and neither do tides as they ebb and flow on a continual basis.

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