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Cerulean 5/10

Cerulean 5/10


    Art Size 100 x 75cm Cerulean is one of those pieces that I enjoyed making from the get go. Heading to Kakadu I was finally getting up in the air after an extended period in the gallery. I am a bit of a enthusiast of fantasy books and films and this piece developed as I started to see a story of time long since forgotten. The cross intersection was a narrow chasm with a wild river at the base, giving safe passage through an unscalable ridge line for a small party of explorers in search of a talisman that would save their people back home from the evil scourge that was plaguing the lands. And it was with this in mind I went about developing the piece which was helped when the name Cerulean developed from the latin word caeruleum which means skies or heaven and in turn leads to the word caeruleus meaning dark blue or blue. I had mysterious and kind of magical sound to add to my piece. I get lost in these works and I enjoy the places they take me but there is always a geographical understanding that goes back to my uni days. It shows how nature protects itself and in this case from flood or tidal waters. The tree line is acting as a barrier to slow the water down as it flows through the trees to the point it hardly flows much past the tree line. Whilst the area looks relatively flat there is enough gradient to allow the water to flow to a central point which flows through the tree line and therefore only creating one major point water course. Cerulean is whatever you want it to be.

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