The Shop

The Story Of Paul's Online Shop

February 14, 2023

The Shop

Paul’s shop is a collection of artworks printed onto homewares, fashion accessories, and practical products for everyday use. Paul’s first call is to look local for products and support the Australian economy and Australian made but as often is the case not all products are made in Australia so need to be sourced from overseas ethical companies.

All of the collections of products have one of Paul’s limited edition artworks on it and as in the limited edition nature of his art, these merchandise products follow the same principles based on production requirements. Bespoke wearable art, homewares and textiles is the basis of the merchandise products.

Paul is consistently manufacturing small runs of products to ensure you don’t have the same as everyone else. The shop is changed and updated on a weekly basis so be sure to keep an eye on the new products and releases. Signing up to the newsletter is the easiest way to keep up with the changes and new releases.

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