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January 4, 2023

The Art Collection

The Art Collection is Paul’s Limited Edition Collection all with a release of one singular fine art giclee print, 1/1.
Each artwork is printed on a German Cotton Rag Paper to the standards set by the Wilhelm Imaging Research to ensure the greatest possible permanency of each work, details of which can be found in other blogs.
Paul’s philosophy about art is that it is handmade and cannot be recreated because the variables for each piece are so great duplication is impossible.
The original data is captured on the Phase One Camera System, currently the IQ4 150-megapixel unit. Variables like speed, drift, and height of the aircraft and the physical factors such as wind, and angle of the camera to the ground not to mention the changes mother nature is constantly making no original data is going to be the same. Then in the processing stage, each capture is worked on individually pushing data and pixel information in different directions. Paul doesn’t copy settings from other work to further insure the uniqueness and individuality of each piece. As Paul says a painter has a set of base paints and mixes them together to create unique hues and he does the same with the digital process to create a balanced one off colour palette.
Paul has travelled to all parts of Australia, especially the Northern Territory, and experienced the best and the worst of nature and all the hues and tones that go with it. It’s that lifelong experience Paul draws on to create these one-off art pieces. And it is, for this reason, he believes true art no matter the form should only be sold once hence limiting each work to 1 of 1.
There are a number of collections that come and go in The Art collection and Paul is regularly adding to each collection and creating new ones.


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