The Ocean Collection

The Story of the Ocean Collection

February 14, 2023

The Ocean Collection

The Ocean Collection is part of Paul’s Art Edition Collection all with a release of one singular fine art giclee print, 1/1. Printed on a German Cotton Rag Paper to the standards set by the Wilhelm Imaging Research to ensure the greatest possible permanency of each work.

Each artwork is individually created and worked from an original file captured on the Phase One Camera System. Given the variables like speed and height of the aircraft and the physical factors like wind and the angle of the camera to the ground when capturing the original file no piece can ever be replicated to be the same.

The Ocean collection is a group of pieces that have the common theme of beaches and the oceans. The Territory has 11,000km of coastline from the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf and the Western Australian border and the Gulf of Carpentaria and the Queensland Border. Couple this with the 7-plus meter tides, no shoot is ever the same as Mother Nature is constantly changing and making the base palette for Paul’s work an array of endless options.

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