Transforming Sands

Editions:  10

Editions Remaining:  7

The immediate area of the Limmen Bight coast is a shallow sand bar area with an extensive reef system amongst the sand areas with large areas of seagrass throughout the shoals. When I was flying the area it was the bare areas in between the busy areas that also attracted my attention.  There is something about nature that we will always struggle to replicate – that non pattern of lines, curves and colour that work together in a macro micro level to complete the bigger picture of the landscape.  These sandbars are endless and I can see that as they randomly run off all sides of the piece. White sands under a shallow sea with a clear sky and sun beating down on the water is the perfect recipe for that azure blue that has a crispness to it that always makes me smile.  On a calm day the Limmen Bight area is the epitome of the classic sand bar with blue water postcard.

Limited to 7 editions on initial release.

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