Editions:  10

Editions Remaining:  7

The dugong is the fat lady of the sea, weighing in at 450 kg, they are the only marine
mammal that solely eats sea grass. The closest land relative to the dugong is the elephant,
and like the elephant, dugongs have strong tusks but they have flippers and a flat tail that is
more whale like. The skin of a dugong is thick and goes grey with age. They are found in the
tropical and subtropical waters around northern Australia and this is the last stronghold
globally for dugongs. Affectionately known as ‘sea cows’ their physical appearance and
nutritional habits are alike to the terrestrial cow, hence the need to protect the seagrass beds
found in the Limmen Bight area which has some of the highest densities in Australia.

Limited to 7 editions on initial release.

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