Editions Remaining:  4

Total Editions:  10

7 of 10 editions on initial release.

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Settling is the action of precipitation of a solid out of a liquid which is what happens with silt and mud in the Top End rivers and floodplains.  As the water moves across open areas and floodplains it slows down. It is the slowing that causes the solids in the water to drop to the bottom, the heavier particles first and the lighter ones last.  This natural selection process creates patterns across the river bed and floodplains which become visible once the floodwaters or tides have receded. And one of the best things about these patterns are they’re created are footprint free. Why?  Well, most of the NT coastline is so remote you can’t get there and the mouth of the South Alligator River in Kakadu is one such place.


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