River Fusion

Editions:  10

Editions Remaining:  7

The mighty Roper River to the north and the braided Limmen Bight River to the south frame the terrestrial boundaries of the Limmen Bight Marine Park. In between there is the Towns River plus countless creeks, named and unnamed, dispersing water into Limmen Bight. The patterns on the mud flats and the rise and fall of the tides across this area is an intricate network of waterflow. The water moves in and around these sandbars as it is dispersed from the rivers whilst fusing with the waters of the Gulf of Carpentaria. These rivers, the shoals, sandbars, reefs and islands have survived in a pristine state because of the remoteness and inaccessibility to the average person. As pressures increase for resources to supply our ever growing, fast-paced world we live in there is a need to protect the nursery areas of the environment and with the fusion of rivers into this area it is one such location needing protection.

Limited to 7 editions on initial release.

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