Editions Remaining:  4

Total Editions:  10

7 of 10 editions on initial release.

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This landscape is unique in its structure. It is not a common occurrence to see a sizable creek on a floodplain close to the open woodland country. Normally, there is an area of floodplain or grass plain which will collect the water from the woodlands and flow to a creek or river. What also has added to the uniqueness was the apparent luminescence that came to life while I was creating the piece. The river clearly has a life of its own as it changes direction regularly as it moves across the floodplain. The life and light in the greens for me convey that uniqueness in the land form because it is not a colour that produces itself very often and on such a large scale.

This artwork is very literal in many ways.  The East Alligator River is a tidal river that relies heavily on the surrounding floodplains, to feed back in to the main river system.  As the floodplains drain, they create little creeks leading into the river, which moves baitfish off the floodplains and into the East Alligator, which then Barramundi and other marine life feed off.  Without the floodplains and seasonal rains, these creeks wouldn't be formed and would not allow for the cycle of life to continue.  It would simply become lifeless.


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