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Total Editions:  10

7 of 10 editions on initial release.

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Branching out across the floodplains are the tributaries that run from the river and eventually meet the oceans and seas.  As they spread across the floodplains, they get smaller and smaller, as the water flowing into them lessens until they have all but disappeared.  I found this particular branching tributary particularly interesting because it lacked the fine details I have so often seen on the floodplains. This is due to the vegetation that surrounds the branches – some bushes and a good layering of grass which prevents the detailed lines from forming.  Patterns in nature are always different and affected by their surroundings and it is this ever changing pattern that I look for.

This artwork is very literal in many ways.  The East Alligator River is a tidal river that relies heavily on the surrounding floodplains, to feed back in to the main river system.  As the floodplains drain, they create little creeks leading into the river, which moves baitfish off the floodplains and into the East Alligator, which then Barramundi and other marine life feed off.  Without the floodplains and seasonal rains, these creeks wouldn't be formed and would not allow for the cycle of life to continue.  It would simply become lifeless.


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