Editions:  10

Editions Remaining:  7

The floodplains of the top end are that connection between the higher ground and the river systems that discharge high volumes of wet season water into the oceans. Water often runs off the higher ground and accumulates on the floodplains and is held there until it can reach the smaller creeks and ultimately the main river. The top half is the main floodplain where the accumulation occurs and the water drains to the creek which has formed against the higher ground. Captured from about 2500 feet the flow of water and interaction of heights can be seen and highlighted by the area of green where the water layers for long enough for algae and plant life to grow.

Limited to 7 editions on initial release. 

Finish options:

Museum Grade Fine Art Rag 

Museum Grade Acrylic Mount

Museum Grade Frame

Sizes Available:

32in. x 24.6in.

40in. x 30.8in.

50in. x 38.5in.

60in. x 46.2in.


Prices start at $1500, contact Paul Arnold for more details.


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