These rules are written by myself with integrity and a promise as an artist that when you purchase a limited edition, it is truly limited, with a long term commitment honoring that sentiment. Some rules are technical to challenge myself and others are for the protection of the image release.

  • Images are captured on a Phase One medium format camera – the worlds most advanced camera system.
  • One image per piece, no combining images or copying settings from other images. Each piece treated as a blank canvas.
  • The integrity of the landscape shape and forms must not be altered as captured by the camera.
  • Museum quality framing components to bring the digital image to life.
  • Digital files are never released to a third party.
  • There are no second or re-editions and no artists proofs, the only other use is in limited edition books of limited edition art.
  • Similar images from the same capture are not to be used.* 10 physical prints only.
  • Numbers 1 to 7 immediate release.
  • Numbers 8, 9 and 10 are reserved for future release.
  • Enjoy my art.