Photo by Shane Eecen

On 17th April 2018, Camilla Franks walked into my Gallery and admired my relatively new aerial artwork collection.  Camilla was on an Australia wide visit looking for inspiration for her new 15 year Anniversary Australian Collection – recently announced as ‘Mother’. 

With a joint love of Akubras and an appreciation of art, we got chatting and ended up discussing possible ideas for a collaboration, to bring a few of my artworks to life through Camilla’s well known fashion label. After submitting a few ideas to Camilla for consideration to use as part of the Mother collection, Camilla chose two of the submissions to work with and started creating the garments based on my work.  I was honoured to learn my images were selected for such a milestone anniversary collection.


After more than a year in the making, the much anticipated launch between Camilla and myself has finally come to fruition on July 30th 2019 with a collection of garments being released as part of the Mother collection.  

Paul’s images from the top end, form the ‘Country Diaries’ collection and the print inspiration is reminiscent of a slow pace Australia and we were very excited to exhibit the collection here in its birthplace. The opening night of the exhibition attracted a crowd of 80 plus Darwin art enthusiasts and long-time Camilla and Paul Arnold fans. We would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming support we received last night and leading up to the event.

4 pieces of exquisite CamillaxPaulArnold garments will be on display at the gallery in the Smith Street Mall until August 31st as well as the 2 single edition 40″ framed Camilla art prints that have been auctioned off. 32″ art prints of the same pieces are available on our website or in the gallery.



  • Camilla One

  • Camilla Two