Sky Blues

I see aerial art as relationships and patterns created by nature. This is a great example of a series of flows and lines all working together as water drained off the floodplain and out the main creek at the bottom centre. The area is pretty much flat but it doesn’t take much for water to make a path to a slightly lower area. A few cattle tracks in straight lines contrast the flowing lines. I am not sure of my height as I don’t have an altimeter in front of me , but there was the normal conversation. “Around again mate, gain some height and track further left.” I know when I have the shot and only then do we move on to the next thing.

Editions: 10

Editions Remaining: 7

Sizes Availables:

Print    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″

Acrylic    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″