Mosaic: a collection of smaller pieces that fit together to tell a complete story. I feel this piece resembled the definition of mosaic, but this was Nature’s Mosaic.

There are the trees clustered together making islands and higher ground areas. And then there are trees placed around a billabong which stabilise and hold the body of water together. All these pieces are placed on the background of the floodplain where the tiles and patterns show the tide and drain lines of the water flow across it. On its own the floodplain itself is barely perceptible in its height changes, but when converted to a mosaic of colours, shapes and components, it becomes a busy place with lots going on but the complete mosaic clearly shows the parts working together as one.

Editions: 10

Editions Remaining: 1

Sizes Available:

Print    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″

Acrylic    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″