Drying Times

As water slowly drains and seeps from the higher ground to lower areas, it leaves small indentations in the mud. This slow movement by nature allows the seeping water to be easily channeled in another direction. Then the sun comes into play and draws the moisture from the mud and the slightly lower regions dry at a different rate causing different surface tensions, resulting in cracks. The cracks follow the lines left by the slow-moving water and a masterpiece that only time can create is produced. When I found this location, it was quite windy and there was some popcorn cloud about. This causes two problems. Firstly, clouds create shadows so it was a timing thing to be overhead of my target between the passing shadows. The second, is the challenge of wind in an ultra-light due to the lack of power in the aircraft. Basically, flying sideways and racing clouds was the only way to capture this image.

Editions: 10

Editions Remaining: 7

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Print    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″

Acrylic    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″