Beryl Plains

Did you know ‘Beryl’ is a mineral and it occurs in a number of colours, with the most precious and well known being emerald which is a deep green. The light green form is called Green Beryl and the yellow tinted form is called Heliodor. Beryl Plains has hints of all three forms throughout the image as a floodplain creek reaches up on to the plain to gather water. Captured from 1000 feet, the pockets of vegetation can be seen scattered across the landscape, but at the time it was the light catching on thin cloud below me that gave the scene a more textured and mottled look that completed the scene.

Editions: 10

Editions Remaining: 7

Sizes Available:

Print    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″

Acrylic    32″ / 40″ / 50″ / 60″